Los Angeles, CA

From the editor

There’s just something about sitting behind an overflowing plate of comfort food that leaves us feeling so gosh darn good. As the steam from piping hot butter and the scent of fried chicken makes its way through Tart’s southern, country atmosphere, you can probably find a diner or two feeling the effects of their food coma.

Tart is conveniently nestled inside of The Farmer’s Daughter hotel making it even easier for you to roll right into a bed after you've had one too many servings from their famous punch bowls. The amazingly-styled Farmer’s Daughter matches the gorgeous country interior at Tart. The hotel and Tart share a gorgeous outdoor space complete with pingpong, a fire pit, and a pool, making for some potentially interesting memories. Draped string lights paired with some classic Los Angeles moonlight create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic date. Just add a heaping plate of chicken and waffles and you'll be asking, “Your place or mine?” in no time. Lucky for you, The Farmer’s Daughter offers a “no tell room” complete with a mirrored ceiling. All jokes aside, Tart has our heart (and our arteries!) begging for more.


  • Jump in the pool, fully clothed, and receive half off your entire meal!
  • Check out the brunch, it's offered 7 days a week.