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Meg Lewis

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Coffee & Tea

  • Cafe Dada

    Cafe Dada is my dream come true in the form of a cafe. I started frequenting when they only had coffee, tea, and pastries. I loved the calming atmosphere, beautiful sunlight streaming through the windows, and was thrilled to be in a place that genuinely felt like I was in another country and on vacation. Just when I thought it couldn't get better...BAM! They expanded their menu to add food. I quickly fell in love with their crepes and chocolate-almond croissants. 20lbs later I had just let my guard down when...KAPOW! They started serving beer and wine along with live music. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than a place where I feel just as romantic sipping a latte as I do drinking a glass of wine.

  • Smith Canteen

    I have the absolute pleasure of calling Smith Canteen as my "neighborhood coffee place" and I'm so thankful. Their coffee, espresso, and baked goods are so delicious. It's awesome to find a coffee shop that has real, solid, eating choices too. The staff is delightful and always very swift. I highly recommend their savory bread pudding for breakfast, lunch, or a snack. Don't forget to heat it up!


  • Fishs Eddy

    Fishs Eddy is as though someone cracked open my skull and poured out the ceramic contents. Never have I found a home goods store so chock full of humor and beauty. Fishs Eddy has a great amount of whimsy to pair with its amazing dinnerware, ceramics, home accessories, and so much more. I find a lot of things that I may see at other stores for far cheaper here. Make sure to not bring a big bag— It's packed to the brim with breakables!

  • SOCKERBIT sweet & swedish

    You know you have a problem when a candy store is your #2 favorite shop in NYC. As a lover of Sweden and all things sweet, I can't recommend Sockerbit enough. This gorgeous, minimal sweet shop has everything I love. I particularly love the gummy strawberries and the chocolate-covered gummy bears. They also have a small section of Swedish foods if you're feeling savory.


  • Dirt Candy

    Dirt Candy is the teeniest tiniest restaurant that I've been to in NYC. Because of their small stature, reservations are very important. If you don't mind waiting a month or two to get a table, it's well worth it. Their seasonal rotation of southern vegetable-oriented entrées are exquisite. Don't forget to order the hush puppies. Give me an internet high-five to thank me later.

  • Sweet Chick

    If you know me personally, you know my reaction to Sweet Chick. A lot of gasping and panting can be heard just at the mention of their name. Sweet Chick is a chicken themed, southern inspired restaurant. As a pescetarian (someone who eats fish but no meat!) it's pretty strange to think that I would be this excited about a chicken restaurant. But hold up. Four words: vegetarian chicken and waffles. Their vegetarian chicken is fried to perfection. Pair it with their thick belgian-style waffles, waterfalls of maple syrup, hot sauce galore, and plenty of their gourmet butter and you have the most delicious meal you'll ever eat. Don't worry, they have a meaty version of this too. I've heard it's just as good.


  • Elsa

    I actually found Elsa via a few other Scouted guides and am so thankful that I did. It's easy to find a finely-crafted cocktail in Manhattan, that is true. But there's something special about Elsa. The cocktails are better than other bars (true) and the atmosphere is absolutely lovely (very true). I highly recommend going right when they open on a weeknight and have some alone time in the back under the gorgeous skylight.

  • Pegu Club

    Again with the delicious cocktails. Meg looooves tasty cocktails! Pegu club is the epitome of New York for me. Swanky, dimly lit, luxurious, deep red undertones, and some gosh darn good drinks. Really lovely for a late-at-night date before going home. Your place or mine?


  • Spend the Evening at The McKittrick Hotel

    So thrilled to recommend dinner, a show, and drinks to you all in one recommendation! This is my absolute favorite thing to do in New York City and it's all under one roof. The McKittrick Hotel is the name for the old hotel that now houses Sleep No More, a dark interactive theatre experience. Along with Sleep No More (incredible) is The Heath, Manderley Bar, and Gallow Green. The Heath is a gorgeous restaurant that offers pre-show dinner reservations along with live music and really incredible food. After eating at The Heath, "check in" to The McKittrick Hotel to see Sleep No More. It will be unlike anything you've done before. After the show, spend some time at the Manderley Bar. They have live music nightly, absinthe cocktails, and the most wonderful atmosphere of any bar I've been to. If you're a romantic like me, you'll appreciate the 1920s decor and the smoke machine that pumps in a dreamy haze throughout the space. Bonus points if you go on a night when The Heathens are playing. Best band I've seen!

  • Walk, Walk, Walk

    There's nothing better than taking a nice, long walk up Manhattan on a beautiful day. My absolute favorite part about living in NYC is the ability to walk for miles. Each and every neighborhood is so strikingly different and the people-watching is really fun. I'd recommend starting in Tribeca or Chinatown and walking uptown until you can't walk any further. Extra credit goes to those who walk in the most picturesque neighborhoods of Brooklyn: Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope.

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