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Jonnie Hallman

Designer/Developer, Destroy Today LLC

New York City Guide

Coffee & Tea

  • Smith Canteen

    By far the best coffee in the area, Smith Canteen is a perfect stop before hopping on the subway. The people working there are incredibly nice and look almost excited to make your coffee just for you. My one gripe is its lack of space—forget about finding a spot to sit, just head to the park.

  • One Girl Cookies

    Because it’s on an off-street, One Girl Cookie in Cobble Hill is perfect for sitting down and relaxing after a long walk with absolutely no distractions. The space is amazing, especially on nice days when they open up the garage door to let the breeze in. Treat yourself to a pumpkin whoopie pie.


  • Modern Anthology

    I don’t go shopping very often, but I frequently stop by Modern Anthology to soak in the perfectly curated collection of Men’s clothing and accessories. Walking past, it’s hard to miss Modern Anthology’s manly scent and consistently changing display. The company is also an interior design studio, but that’s obvious from their setup.

  • Smith Butler Bklyn NY+

    My wife and I always make a point to stop in Smith + Butler when we’re walking in the area. Like Modern Anthology, they have a great selection of men’s clothing, along with several motorcycles for sale.


  • HOPHAP Thai Cuisine

    Hands-down the best and cheapest thai around, Hop Hap is always empty and has a seating right next to its giant window. Get off the subway at Bergen and enjoy a delicious meal in this best kept secret.

  • The Grocery

    My wife and I recently celebrated an anniversary dinner at The Grocery and it was a real treat. It feels like you’re eating in someone’s living room, but the food is incredible. You order several small dishes and they bring out tiny surprise appetizers in between.


  • Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

    Farmacy isn’t your typical bar—it’s a soda fountain with a feel of the 1920s. We take every visiting guest here—it’s a real experience. Protip: order a child-size sundae—it’s a normal amount of food at half the price.

  • 61 Local

    I don’t go to bars very often, but 61 Local is a great environment for big groups, with its picnic-style tables. It’s also an ideal space during the day for working remotely. But a heads-up, they have a $20 minimum for credit cards.


  • American Museum of Natural History

    Bring a camera and a big group of friends with you to the American Museum of Natural History. There’s so much to explore. Also, be sure to stop by the nearby Shake Shack beforehand.

  • Joyriding the East River Ferry

    The East River Ferry isn’t your typical ferry—it goes 0-60 in what feels like seconds, taking you from Dumbo to Williamsburg in minutes. Board it quick and find a spot along the railing.

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