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Grace Bonney

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New York City Guide

Coffee & Tea

  • Five Leaves

    Yes, this place is crawling with hipsters taking selfies at all hours of the day. But it also has the best barista around, Carlos. We see him every morning for a latte after walking our dog around the park. Before 9am the restaurant is still sleepy and you get to have a nice quiet cup of coffee.

  • Troost

    I lived around the corner from Troost for a year and ate (and drank) here literally every morning. I got the perfect soy latte and a chocolate croissant pretty much every day and the Dough donuts on weekends. It might not be the fastest cup around, but its got the best backyard.


  • WORD Brooklyn

    Great book signings and events a friendly staff and a selection that rivals so many of the great artsy book stores in the city.

  • Catbird

    This is my go-to shop for just about anything. Mother's Day Gift? They've got it. Host/hostess gifts? Yep. It's also the place where I got my wedding ring and gifts for just about every friend's birthday for the past five years.


  • Selamat Pagi

    This is our favorite spot to eat just about any meal. It's quiet for brunch, reasonable for dinner and the food is ALWAYS delicious. The beef rendang with coconut milk is killer. (You can also sit out front on the picnic tables with your dogs!)

  • Burrow

    The best hot chocolate I've ever had, period. Also, the cutest and most precisely delicate desserts you'll ever see.


  • Beach Day

    It's easy to forget that NYC also has beaches. People always say the beaches here don't compare to other beach towns, but having grown up in one, I can say these aren't too shabby. Throw in Rockaway Tacos and you have a full day of fun in the sun.

  • Uptown Hideaway

    This is my favorite spot in all of New York (as I'm sure it is for many other people). It's literally a rebuilt cloister for Europe and in addition to housing some of the best stunning illuminated manuscripts (I wrote many papers on their collection in college), it's also located in the most beautiful park. Being here makes me forget we're in one of the largest cities in the world.

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