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New York City Guide

Coffee & Tea

  • Sweetleaf

    Do you like Mochas? I do, I have a cat with the same name... but thats beside the point. Sweetleaf honestly has the best Mocha I've had in the city. They use chocolate from Jacques Torres and it absolutely shows. Apart from the mocha, you will be in good hands for all caffeine needs. For the summer I recommend the ice cold Rocket Fuel - Cold-brewed coffee with chicory, maple syrup & milk. For something a little less sweet (but still sweet) try the creamy vietnamese style cold brew - Voodoo Child.

  • Roots Café

    Easily my favorite local coffee spot. The original owners are from Alabama and so its a very cozy and welcoming place for this southerner. Once the Fall hits, try the Pumpkin Spice Latte. They actually make the mix in-house with real pumpkin. Beyond that, they have solid coffee all around as well as fresh baked goods by local friends. They also make delicious breakfast bowls & burritos - and for those that want it, vegan friendly options.


  • Fine And Dandy

    I randomly came across this hidden gem earlier this year and found it very difficult to leave. Accessories galore for any fashionable man.

  • Filson

    Filson is finally in NYC and I couldn't be happier. Do yourself a favor and pick up a Tin Cloth jacket that will last you for years to come.


  • The Redhead

    This place is not only sentimental to me but is a Southern gem in the middle of the East Village. It doesn't matter what you get - it will be delicious. Go and enjoy.

  • Fonda

    My absolute favorite go to restaurant in Park Slope. I'm a big fan of Mexican food - cheap or fine dining, I hold no opposition. This is on the nicer end of Mexican and the quality shows. While at a typical Mexican place, a lot of the spices and flavors may seem the - not true for Fonda. Every dish is unique and incredibly flavorful. I recommend the Pollo Norteno, Rosalia margarita, and always get the guacamole.


  • Radegast Hall & Biergarten

    I've been going to Radegast pretty regularly since I moved here. Huge space, open roof in the Spring & Summer, live jazz bands that people actually get up and dance to. Super fun atmosphere - if you don't go on a Saturday night (itsGet some sausages and a pint of Weihenstephaner Vitus - it tastes like bananas. Honestly the only thing I'd wish they'd change is to add some stronger IPAs on tap, but then again its a German beer hall.

  • PDT (Please Don't Tell)

    I know its probably over popular at this point but I love this speakeasy. The vibe, the drinks, & the hotdogs that come through a hole in the wall from Crif Dogs. I wouldn't bother trying to call at 3pm and get a reservation, I'll be surprised if you actually get through. I recommend swinging by after work - 6 or 7 is ideal. Leave your name with the hostess and then go find food. You're in the East Village so your options are many and with any luck, within two hours you'll be walking through that famed phone booth. Benton's Old Fashioned is the best old fashioned I've ever had. Period.


  • Hayden Planetarium

    I've been a space nerd forever. There is no better spot to visit for space nerds in NYC. Go and cry about how much you weight on different planets.

  • Coney Island Boardwalk

    While it may not be what it use to be, Coney Island is a nice break from the city without leaving the city. Lounge on the beach, play games, visit the aquarium, ride rides, and eat hotdogs. The choice is yours. As a lettering & type guy, I love looking at all the signage around the area.

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