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Tuesday Bassen


Los Angeles Guide

Coffee & Tea

  • Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea

    Great for a quick (and amazing) iced coffee stop while you're poking around Silverlake in 100 degree heat.


  • Myrtle

    Amazing curation of all-female clothing and accessory designers from around the world like Henui, Samantha Pleet, Dusen Dusen, Mary Meyer, and more. Ask for recommendations from the owner Whitney and you'll leave feeling beautiful in a really unique piece.

  • Pygmy Hippo

    Tiny storefront with kitschy goodies ranging from custom nude portraits to strawberry socks.


  • Sqirl Kitchen

    I ate here three times while visiting for four days and got the same thing every time. I think you'd do well with anything on the menu, but ordering the iced coffee and fried-egg-pesto-feta-rice dish made me all *heart eyes emoji*.

  • Eggslut

    Downtown LA is not my favorite place in the world, but Eggslut is a wonderful gem inside of the equally amazing Grand Central Market. Get the Fairfax and experience the best breakfast sandwich of your entire life.


  • El Chavo

    I'm a sucker for anything cheap and pastel colored, so El Chavo won me over between the time that I passed through their pink facade and saw the $3 margarita happy hour special. Go hang out on the back patio and really fall in love with LA.


  • Tom of Finland Museum

    Legendary homoerotic artist Tom of Finland's house holds an amazing collection of his artwork and other erotic art-ifacts! Truly a gem. Still a functioning home, so call ahead to make an appointment.

  • Museum of Death

    A creepy altar to the seedy underworld of serial killers, murderers, morticians, and cults. As a kid that grew up peeking at when I definitely shouldn't have, I was enthralled with the Museum of Death's collections of prison shivs, autopsy photos, and shrunken heads. Not for the faint, queasy, or easily upset.

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