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Roxanne Daner

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Los Angeles Guide


  • Lady

    Lady is one of the best clothing stores in LA. Camille always stocks her little Eagle Rock boutique with amazing women's clothes, shoes, bags etc.

  • Counterpoint Music & Books

    This is a really neat book/record store in Franklin Village. They have some very beautiful rare books in their little shop next door as well. I'm always impressed with the window displays on the rare books side.


  • Sushi Time

    This is absolutely my favorite sushi restaurant and we LOVE sushi. Its not too pricey, they play nice jazz and the fish is always fantastic. One of the great things about Sushi Time (aside from the food) is that the Chef Toshi and the waitresses are so sweet.

  • The Trails

    I can't say enough about Trails. Its one of the best kept secrets of LA! Drive up into Griffith Park and look for a tiny cabin thats actually a cafe. Not only is it my favorite latte in the City but some of the most amazing pies, scones and sandwiches all made from scratch. My personal favorite is the "egg-in-a-basket". Enjoy your breakfast sitting at picnic benches that are nestled in the trees.


  • Hiking

    If you're on the east side and close to Griffith park i'd suggest hiking up to the Observatory (you can also drive!). Check out the fantastic view and then see a show at the planetarium. The Fern Walk is a little trail at the base of Griffith park that runs along a stream. Its a shady and cool 15 minute walk that always makes me feel like i'm a little kid. There's something magical about the winding little path that's covered in ferns and leaves.

  • Fruit Stands

    This is such a Los Angeles thing that I wish people had shown to me earlier! If you're out driving and see a rainbow colored umbrella stop and get a bag of fruit! You basically just ask for a bag of fruit and choose the size you'd like (S=$4, M=$5, L=$6) and try it with the salt, lemon and chilli... it's so delicious.

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