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Meg Lewis

Designer, Ghostly Ferns

Los Angeles Guide

Coffee & Tea

  • Handsome Coffee Roasters

    Handsome has the perfect coffee shop equation down pat. They're doing all that needs to be done in way of appealing to the beard-toting, caffeine-induced gentlemen (and ladies, obviously) of Los Angeles. What's not to love about a good cup of coffee on a perfectly sunny day in L.A? Just like everywhere else in this town, the baristas at Handsome Coffee Roasters are actually very good looking. Take note: they roast their beans onsite making for a delicious cuppa.

  • Urth Caffé

    This place represents many of the reasons why I love L.A. You'll be packed in with a lot of adventurous tourists, snooty Beverly Hills housewives, and a celebrity or two. I usually see _someone_ when I'm here. Tables are pretty competitive almost always, but the staff does a great job of shuttling people in and out while not making you feel too uncomfortable. I thoroughly love their coffee and tea beverages as well as the food here. I specifically love their many tea lattés, especially the Moroccan Tea Latté. If you happen to go for lunch, try the tamales!


  • Poketo

    Poketo has such a special place in my heart. I've been thrilled to watch their progress over the years from being an online-only shop to opening not only one but two boutiques in Los Angeles. The owners Ted and Angie are so supportive of the creative industry and are also incredibly kind. I've never felt a greater love for a shop in any city that I've visited or lived! They do an incredible job curating their merchandise. You can find a design-minded gift for anyone here. However, I prefer to get myself gifts from here instead. I buy myself a lot of presents from Poketo!

  • Deus Ex Machina

    Badass is definitely not a word I would use to describe myself. I love coming to Deus to pretend that I am, if only for just a few minutes. If you love things that are well designed like me, you'll love this place. Everything from the architecture to the fixtures to the design on their shirts is gorgeous. Clothing + Coffee + Motorcycles + A thick layer of tough = the delight that is Deus Ex Machina.


  • Tart

    As I look over the guides of all the cities I've lived in, I have noticed one common denominator: Soul Food! Maybe it's my love of butter and crust, or perhaps it's because I grew up in Texas. Who cares! Nestled inside of The Farmer's Daughter Hotel, Tart gets it right. Grits, chicken & waffles, fried brussels sprouts, and all the gooey delicious desserts is the perfect fuel to stop your heart (in the best way possible). Their interior is just as gorgeous as the outdoor space. Huge tip: if you jump in the pool with all of your clothes on, they'll give you half-off your meal! Seriously.

  • The Pie Hole

    Sweet pie! Savory pie! The Pie Hole has it all. Who says every day can't be Thanksgiving? The pie gods shone a light down on the city of angels, and on the 5th day there was pie! All jokes aside, I love pie. The Pie Hole not only features sweet & savory pies, they also unexpectedly have breakfast pie and plenty of coffee. Pie, pie, pie.


  • Griffith Park

    Griffith Park is such a jewel of Los Angeles that everyone should take a moment to enjoy. Not only does it offer some amazing panoramic views of Los Angeles, it also has quite a few other things to offer. I specifically love the hiking at Griffith Park. Other highlights: the Observatory, Zoo, and Greek theatre are all incredible. Tip: If you get hungry, stop at The Trails Cafe inside of Griffith Park for a nice outdoor meal.

  • See a Movie!

    I'm such a huge fan of cinema and Los Angeles, obviously, has the best offerings in way of movie theaters. They really know how to craft a great movie-watching experience here in L.A. and they certainly have a lot of unique film-related events. I love seeing Q&A's from filmmakers and cast members at theaters like the Arclight and Landmark. L.A's tinier independent cinemas are just as lovely, especially the Silent Movie Theater and the New Beverly Cinema.

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