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Los Angeles Guide

Coffee & Tea

  • Alfred {Melrose Place}

    The line curves around the lower floor, the people love their cold brew and lattes, but even though this coffee spot is near Beverly Grove, it's much more personable and tasteful.

  • Tierra Mia Coffee

    The horchata latte cupcake and tres leche muffin are unique and taste as they should be.. and beyond. The frappes are delish as well. The sweetness of the goods also resonate with the chill vibes of the location. (The DTLA location isn't so bad, but less spacious.)


  • Guisados

    The taqueria spot that is constantly name dropped registered in my head after I sampled the menu items. The paradox of choice hits you hard, but thank goodness for the sampler option (mole poblano, hongos con cilantro, chorizo, quesadilla, pescado, etc.). Even the juices from melon to horchata to Armando Palmer are worth a sample.


    There's so many food items and refreshing drinks to choose from, it's not fair. The prices, on the other hand, are reasonable.

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