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John Choura Jr.

Designer, Illustrator and Coffee Addict.

Los Angeles Guide

Coffee & Tea

  • G&B @ Grand Central

    This is the top tier of coffee offerings in the heart of downtown LA, in the Grand Central Marketplace. They don't try to be a all-in-one shop, with roasting their own beans, they just focus on delicious drinks.

  • Handsome Coffee Roasters

    A great Los Angeles coffee roaster, smack-dab, in the middle of the LA art district. Grab a cappuccino, and go looking for a Banksy.


  • Michael's Pizzeria

    Small space, get a reservation, but prepare for some great pizza. They known for not cutting their pizzas because they say it makes the pizza soggy, I'll take their word for it.

  • Go Get Em Tiger

    I'm cheating a bit here, this is also coffee, and is by the same guys who brought you G&B, but Go Get Em has a much bigger food focus. I can't avoid recommending their sweet potato pie.

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